My objective is to research my ideas, passions, issues, and go beyond the object of desire.

The work I make can be seen as elementary, (in a post-minimal way) and unusual yet familiar. Adopting everyday objects and simple materials, I am thinking about formalism within my work and the ability to transport the mind into faded traditions, to bring old memories to light as well as feel experiences that have long past. Attracted to process and the will that comes from my artistic self, I am compelled to unfurl my ideas through the use of uncomplicated form, matter and materials.

I use logic, tools, artifacts, toys, and instruments that can be found within a cultural or political structure; directing my artistic research to analyze the decisions that have allowed certain people to create the ideology that we have allowed to be in place. I wish to disrupt the common deconstruction procedure; and re-activate the senses, rewrite, with pure force and pure action. What I represent is consumed and fueled by this raw passion of challenging not only the institutional system but the complexities of man.

Being within some sort of institution, like a school, for the majority of my life, I have always been looking for new ways to equip myself, for the likely chance that I can break free from the structures that have always determined and directed my existence.