Artist Statement

It is the idea of human essence and its ability to travel through time and objects, the eternal return of the sense, that I am drawn to within my work.


The work I make can be seen as elementary, (in a post-minimal way) and unusual yet familiar. Adopting everyday objects and simple materials, I am thinking about how to transport the mind into faded traditions, to bring warm memories to light and to truly feel experiences that have long past. I believe that our pasts have the power to positively influence our future, if we can learn how. We are all surrounded by messages that have been left behind in materials and matter - we just have to seek them.


When looking at my work through the lens of “autobiography” I have come to realize that my art has in part been a way to cope with my childhood traumas. Because of this I alter spaces to incorporate installation, sculpture, participation, collaboration and all inclusive environments to engage viewers in experience. Experience teaches us how to live, how to fail and succeed, but most importantly how to be what it is we desire. What is seen, felt and can be interpreted is shaped by experience, this is something I have realized through my upbringing and education. It is our participation with objects, environments and people that allow us to retain and remember information to help us become driven and to find flow.