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Video Art & Interviews

Basalt Public Art Commission
Artist Interview by Nikki Hausherr

Virtual Art Salon
Interviewed by Elizabeth Ferrill, Artistic Director of Painting,
Drawing & Printmaking 
@Anderson Ranch Arts Center

KDNK Radio Interview
Express Yourself Radio Station

Virtual Thinker Thursday
Participating Artists: Zakriya Rabani, Wendy Babcox, Ben Timpson,
Ed Kashi, John Seybold, Meg Reilly, Esther Nooner

@Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Sculpture Studio Tour for International Sculpture Day
@Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Sculpture Studio Tutorial:How to Make a Paper Airplane
@Anderson Ranch Arts Center


Promo video, sponsored by Freeride Skate Shop, Gainesville FL

BigBoy (Video mapped footage)


Collaboration with Elexis King

Video mapped objects

Digital Graffiti (Top Left)

Video mapped WARPHAUS

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